Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Easy piece of writing (this time)

I think that I wrote a good piece this week because it was something that I wanted to write about so when it is something that I want to write about I can do it quickly and have a lot of things to say. At first I thought that this assignment was going to be dumb but it really wasn't. Most times I can't write long and I run out of things to say but this piece was one of the few that the pieces fell together. It ended being a good week because it is the first week back from break.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Writing voice

I really don't know what my writing voice is and I do not know if I am still developing it or not. I am not a writer that writes books for a living I just do my assignments for school however I want and really don't pay any attention to my writing voice or writing style.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Fishing I like to fish. It is fun going with out with people you know and having a little competition. You can have one on how many you catch or the biggest one you caught. But I enjoy being outdoors and it is also good when you catch a few fish. Hunting deer I have hunted for 6 years now for deer. I have gotten 4 deer a five point buck, a button buck, a seven point buck, and a doe. I like the adrenaline rush you get before you shoot at what you are aiming for. Hunting turkey I tried hunting turkey last year. I got a 21 pound tom. It tasted just like store bought turkey. It was really good. In Maine you can get two turkeys but each tag costs 20 dollars.