Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Everyone fears something. It could be like they fear heights or they fear that someone will do something to them because they have done something that they didn't want to do and someone now wants to do something to them. No mater what it is someone. Should ether face there fears or overcome their fears.

Friday, May 2, 2014


If someone wanted to get my position I would do everything to do so they couldn't have the it because I am here. If I was in power I would start off doing thing that wouldn't affect him as much but if he didn't get the hint then I would bring him to prison or I would have him killed. Depending on what was in there past we might be able to bring it to the present so it could haunt them again.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Extending live question answers

Should scientists try to help people beat old age so we can live radically longer lives? Why? No because it is just going to make people live longer but it will not be at a time they want it. It will be at the end of their life where it is already hard to do things and it will be very expensive. Do you agree with the author that “adding years to a life doesn’t necessarily make it any fuller?” Yes I do because you are here for a certain amount of time and when it is time to go then that is it I don't want to be old and them do some work to make me live a little bit longer. One reason is that it is going to be an expensive procedure and maybe the rest of your body can't handle what they are doing. We don't know how long we are going to live so if they say they can make our lives longer how can they prove that.

Friday, March 14, 2014


You we a lot of it everywhere but the most common place is on tv during a show you are watching. The ad that sticks in my head is a Super Bowl commercial that I saw a few years ago which was for A beer company but the truck couldn't get in to the town because the bridge was broke so people laid down and held onto each other to make a bridge so the truck could get over.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Life is short

Here is a link to my podcast https://drive.google.com/a/hs.rsu5.org/file/d/0B25okiJ-GLh2dXlwYkhXdlBHMzA/edit?usp=sharing I believe life is short and to live everyday to its fullest. You only live once so if you don't do everything that you wanted to do then you will never be able to it because you will be dead. If you don't find a way to do the things you want to do it is understandable because not everyone makes a lot of money and when they get some extra money it goes toward their debts or buying something that is needed. Some people never in their life get to go on their dream vacations because most of them are really expensive. I hope that someday I will be able to do some of the things I want to do in life. The vacation I want to do is go to Alaska and do some fishing and hunting to see how it is up there. I would like a camp on a lake someday, a nice lifted truck, a nice boat,a ricer car, a four wheeler, and a snowmobile, but it isn't cheap for all of these things. Other people that make a lot of money get what they want like nice cars, vacation homes and lots of other things. But that isn't everyone; those jobs aren't easy and you have to be well educated like a doctor and that is a minimum of eight years in college. If I could live everyday to its fullest I would not be in school because it is a lot of time in your life learning for nothing. When I get to college then I can study what i want so I can do the job that I have always wanted to do or the job that makes the most money so I can do things that I want to do. When you die you don't want to regret anything so you when you are taking you last few breaths don't say I wished I did this different. You try and change these things before it's too late. In my life I plan to have a job where it feels like I am doing what I want to do so when I die I don't have any wasted time. When life is short, do the things you want to do and when something doesn't go right fix it so you will always be happy with no regrets when you live the earth.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Easy piece of writing (this time)

I think that I wrote a good piece this week because it was something that I wanted to write about so when it is something that I want to write about I can do it quickly and have a lot of things to say. At first I thought that this assignment was going to be dumb but it really wasn't. Most times I can't write long and I run out of things to say but this piece was one of the few that the pieces fell together. It ended being a good week because it is the first week back from break.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Writing voice

I really don't know what my writing voice is and I do not know if I am still developing it or not. I am not a writer that writes books for a living I just do my assignments for school however I want and really don't pay any attention to my writing voice or writing style.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Fishing I like to fish. It is fun going with out with people you know and having a little competition. You can have one on how many you catch or the biggest one you caught. But I enjoy being outdoors and it is also good when you catch a few fish. Hunting deer I have hunted for 6 years now for deer. I have gotten 4 deer a five point buck, a button buck, a seven point buck, and a doe. I like the adrenaline rush you get before you shoot at what you are aiming for. Hunting turkey I tried hunting turkey last year. I got a 21 pound tom. It tasted just like store bought turkey. It was really good. In Maine you can get two turkeys but each tag costs 20 dollars.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Semester Reflection

I chose these writing pieces because they were the strongest writing pieces that I have written so far this year. Most of the time I would not have spent this much time on these writing pieces. I do good at my writing when I get a little help. I get that little push to get going or I just need help correcting the draft. I came up with the piece about Stephen King with just a few words like his name shot and a few others. That is a few words that made the whole story come to life. I got the idea that I wrote about from those few word and it was like I couldn't stop writing. I could of made the story a whole lot longer but I had to cut it short because it was only supposed to be a 500 word paper. The strengths were the beginning it was good and had a lot of thought in but when it came to the end it ended quickly because I was writing and realized I got to the end of the 500 words quickly.

Best easy of the year

The quote I picked was "sometimes people are born with disabilities, but it's communities that handicap them" said by anonymous. I think that the quote means that the people that are in the communities use it against them like they think they all need special attention. Most people with disabilities can do what they need to do and they don't need help with anything. Each one of them have things that they are good at. Once they find that thing that they are good at they research it until they find what they are looking for or they have found everything about that one thing. What I am trying to say is that they are looked at different then everyone else. They are thought to need extra attention, but they are normal other than they need to take meds for when they were diagnosed by the doctor that they had a disability. In the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Hayden, Chris's mom left because she thought it was going to be harder to raise a kid with a disability than a regular child. It takes a little bit more patience to raise a kid like that, but in the end, it is one of your kids. You should Love them no matter what is happening with them. She left Chris with his dad and ran off with the neighbor to start a new life with a different man. The dad told Chris that his mom died to try to ease anything he was thinking until he found the letters that he was hiding from Chris. The letters were her trying to communicate with Chris, but he thought his mom was dead, so he got mad and they got into a fight. He always knew how to get home in a way that no one else knew how he always turned right at every place he could. He wasn't aloud to leave the town because he doesn't know where to go until he left to go to his mom's house because he was mad at his dad. He is a human and if he wants to know his mother then he should go see her. His dad was handicapping him because he didn't want Chris to know the truth on why his mother left him. Witch is what I said above the disability he has. In the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time it isn't the people you know but it can be your own fault sometimes. Like if you have things wrong with you it might be a good idea to tell people that you can't be touched, so when they do touch you it isn't your fault because you told them and they did it anyways. When people tell you about something it might help you out in the long run because you won't fight about a lot of things in the future. When a certain person isn't brought up then there is a reason it might make you mad but they are trying to protect you so you don't know the real truth like your mom didn't die she ran off with the neighbor because she thought it would be too hard to raise you. If you tell people your problems they will communicate them with other people so you don't get in trouble all the time because you got touched and you ended up punching the guy for it. When Chris gets to his mother's, he gets what he doesn't expect. She didn't know who he was so when she came to the door it was not what she expected; it was her son that she left for the neighbor. She brings him inside to find that his dad would be coming in a few hours to pick him up and bring him home. When he got there they got in a fight and Chris went upstairs to go to sleep. When he woke up he was told he would have to take a test if he wants to stay with his mom. This is when he tries to go live with his mom and she is confused and was surprised when it happened. This is what happens when a community handicaps you have to do certain things like in the paragraph above when I talk about how he has to take a test to be with his mom. That is what the cop decided to do if he didn't want to be with his father anymore. All this information is why I think that it can be the communities that handicap people.

A Stephen King story

Stephen King was reading his novel to his stalker before he got shot in the bathroom. The guy went looking for someone famous to shoot and he just happened to roll into the wrong house. He acted like he was homeless so Stephen King let him in and was reading one of the best parts of his books, then after that he went to the bathroom. He was greeted at the door with a .45 to his forehead and after that happened he said," go ahead, I have had a good life already and you will not get very far after doing this". So he shot him, then took some things that he thought that would be worth some good money. He went around room to room looking for some good things that he could sell and didn't find much more than any rich person would have. He went looking for some of the rough copies for his book but didn't come up with much so he kept looking moving things around looking for pictures to move and safes behind them. He didn't find anything like that but he found a desk with a lock on it so he shot it out. Inside of the desk was a gold pen and some paper. He was so mad wasting time looking for the big find and there was nothing. So he kept at it in the office and in the office behind the picture was a safe. This was his best find yet and when he was trying to open it, he saw that it needed Stephen King's finger print to open the safe, so he when down stairs to his bag and got some towels. He went to the bathroom and set the towels down on the ground then set the Stephen King on it. After that he dragged the body to the office then propped him up on the shelf then pulled his hand over to the safe. It didn't work out for him because the body was too cold for it to work so he wasted more time doing those things trying to find what is in the safe. What he doesn't know is that Stephen King's buddy across the street called the cops and the cops are outside of Stephen's house. When he tries to leave he is greeted at the door by the cops. So he runs back inside the house and finds the closest window. He was set up at the window and starts shooting out of it and the cops called for backup so they got their back up and they sent a team inside to find out that the guy killed himself so he wouldn't have to deal with what he did before.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nothing has changed so everything that I have done is the same. We haven't done any big writing lately so I can't improve on writing that we have outdone in he last week. We have done reading of pieces and some review that's all we have done.i haven't improved on anything if anything I am getting worse on somethings.